We supply the World’s Top Beatboxers who can teach your company, your school or your party how to beatbox! This can be a in person workshop or virtual.

Invite champion beatboxers and professionally experienced workshop leaders to guide you through an introduction to the infinite nature and combinations of beatboxing, the voice and the imagination. With simple, easy to follow and engaging exercises to include everyone, it’s the ideal ice breaker and way to put everyone on the same level. The sessions work well for any number of people, themes and we can cater to time lengths. With the power of the voice and teamwork, anything is possible!


  • Beatboxing is the perfect Ice Breaker and Energiser
  • Ideal for connecting people
  • Discover your companies Sound / Beat in one interactive session
  • Amplify your teams voice
  • Get departments to battle it out in fun interactive beatbox battles
  • Can teach to any number of people together or in breakout groups or create a multi screen company video performing a track of choice for virtual workshops


  • Anyone can do it!
  • Fun and easy communication exercises
  • Works with any number of participants (online or in person)
  • Base it around any theme, musical, celebration or seasonal
  • Celebrate making a mistake and enjoy your discomfort zone
  • Can work to any timeline / country / language
  • Recreate a famous musical piece together in groups & much more …


  • Beatboxing is one of the best vehicles for speech and language therapy
  • Ideal for SEN learners
  • Breathing exercises & mindfulness
  • Can be done at all volumes (amplified or acoustic)
  • Every Sound is a good sound
  • Have taught NHS, NHS Choirs, NAS & RNIB charities
  • DBS certified facilitators


  • Fun & interactive session which can be based around any theme or term
  • Can be adapted to fit school lesson structure from
    4 x 1 hour basic sessions in one day to a 5 day course
  • Great for confidence building, voice projection & phonetic learning
  • Ideal for Choirs and A capella groups
  • Celebrate inclusivity & express diversity


  • Teach a celebrity / presenter how to beatbox champions
  • Ideal warm up performance and interaction for TV audiences
  • Beatbox your sound track / Live house band / Backing Beats
  • Add a unique Live performance / element / to your tv show
  • Beatbox sound FX / Sound Idents / Jingles

Beatbox Workshops FAQ

How many people can do a workshop?

  • Workshops can range from any number!
  • We have taught up to 20,000 people in one go!

Do we need amplification and microphones?

  • Ideal setup: (depending on how many students)
  • 2- 5 x Microphones
  • Mixing desk with minimum 4/5 Microphone inputs
  • Speaker and amplification 300W or higher
  • Small groups can be done acoustically

Can anyone do it?

  • No prior knowledge of music required
  • No musical instruments needed, you are the musical instrument!
  • Everyone can do it!

How long is a workshop?

  • 15  – 30mins –  Taster sessions
  • 1hour – Basic course or 2 hour or more – Advanced course
  • 4 x 1 hour basic sessions in one day to a 5 day course & more

If you would like to discuss what you are looking to do, please contact us
and we’ll be happy to work with you to provide the right program.