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Reeps One

2010 Vauxhall UK Beatbox Champion

Based in: London

Known For:

Reeps One began beatboxing at 17 and over the last four years has become internationally recognised as a leading artist of the New School Beatbox Scene. His ability to rock crowds and have venues shaking with his vocal skills alone is a feat unmatched. The purity of his skill is what places him above many and lead him to win the 2009 Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championship. Invited to the World Beatbox Championship last year, his skills are not going unnoticed. Reeps’ ‘all through the mouth’ philosophy, without loop pedals, effects, samples or gimmicks have earned him maximum respect amongst the beatbox community and the general public alike setting him aside from the rest of the pack.

As we enter a Dubstep revolution where bass and filth are imperative qualities for a track, Reeps is the first beatboxer to be globally recognised and associated with Dubstep. Having supported such acts as Bonobo, Rusko, Benga, Skream and Emalkay he has the Dubstep crowds ‘skanking' and raving so hard that it could be assumed they were enjoying a top quality DJ Set, rather than one man and his mouth. These high energy performances have also been seen alongside The Prodigy, Andy C, Roni Size, De La Soul, Jay Sean, Akon, Chris Brown, Scratch Perverts and Foreign Beggars to name just a handful.

Set to play Glastonbury for the third year running this summer and with a huge host of British and international shows under his belt and coming in the future you can be sure to see Reeps One wherever you hear the word beatboxing. An original member of the Monorex team and a resident feature at all the Secret Wars illustration battles, be sure that Reeps is no one trick pony; as not only is he an oral artist but he translates his creativity onto canvas as well. From graffiti to his trademark intricate designs, his art has a huge impact on his beatbox style; "start somewhere and see where you end up" His combined passions have sparked a strong desire to marry both audio and visual into a performance. Audiences should prepare to indulge their senses and experience a heightened appreciation of both sound and sight as Reeps One has huge things ahead and promises to dominate the beatbox scene for a long while to come.


Reeps One

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